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Introducing Advanced 3D Soil Mapping Technology

24th June 2024
OptiSoil is pleased to announce a collaborative effort led by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) aimed at revolutionising soil management technology. This innovative project is developing state-of-the-art tools to create three-dimensional maps of plant-available water capacity (P ... read more

OptiSoil Becomes Platinum Sponsor for Young in Soil & Earth Science Society ADL

21st June 2024
OptiSoil is thrilled to announce our new partnership as a platinum sponsor of the Young in Soil & Earth Science Society ADL for the next three years. This collaboration is a significant step in our commitment to fostering connections between academia, industry, and the future leaders in soil and ... read more

OptiSoil Team Update: Westy's Continued Adventures

11th March 2024
In our latest fieldwork update, we're excited to share that Westy is once again hitting the road to extend our soil science outreach and services. Despite an unexpected rainout in Emerald, Westy's journey through New South Wales went smoothly, and he's now engaging with communities in Victoria. His ... read more

CSIRO Sampling - National Soil Carbon Innovation Challenge

4th March 2024
OptiSoil has been out collecting samples under the National Soil Carbon Innovation Challenge. These ones are a little different. 50cm deep, undisturbed, and in duplicate. It will go a long way to helping develop new technologies in the carbon measurement space to lower the cost for everyone. OptiS ... read more

OptiSoil Expands Capabilities with New Proximal Sensing Equipment

5th December 2023
OptiSoil is pleased to share news of our recent acquisition of proximal sensing equipment, a move aimed at better supporting our farming community through improved soil analysis and mapping. Journey of Collaboration and Growth This development builds on our three-year journey conducting proximal s ... read more

OptiSoil Team Expands Expertise at ASPAC Workshop

26th November 2023
Canberra, ACT – The OptiSoil team recently participated in the Soil and Plant Analysis Workshop held at the CSIRO Black Mountain Science and Innovation Park, Canberra, on 26th-27th October 2023. This event, organised for laboratory managers and technicians, is a significant forum in the field ... read more