Case Studies

Optimising Nitrogen Management in Cotton: A Case Study in Lateral Nitrogen Movement

17th June 2024
Optimising Nitrogen placement in flood furrow irrigated Cotton, designing a sampling strategy to investigate lateral nitrogen movement in flood furrow cotton fields.  Background  The Challenge: A cotton grower recently switched from banding anhydrous ammonia to broadcast urea nitrogen (N ... read more

Navigating the Complexities of Gilgai Terrain in the Western Downs Region and the Maranoa

21st January 2024
Background The Challenge: Farmers in Glenmorgan faced a daunting task. Their fields were riddled with deep gilgai formations, known locally as “melon holes”, making spraying, planting, and harvesting highly inefficient. These formations impeded machinery movement and caused waterlogging ... read more

Unlocking the Yield Potential in Wimmera, VIC: Overcoming Soil Alkalinity and Dispersion Challenges

19th December 2023
In the diverse agricultural landscapes of Wimmera, VIC, farmers face a recurring puzzle: a significant yield gap that varies spatially each year. This article delves into the challenges posed by soil constraints, specifically alkalinity and dispersion, and explores innovative solutions being impleme ... read more

Addressing Post-Flood Soil Challenges in Walgett

12th November 2023
We recently had the opportunity to work with a client from Walgett, who faced significant challenges on his property following a flood. As a dryland farmer, the season following a flood presents something of an opportunity with a full moisture profile. Grower observations/problem The client notice ... read more